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Wendy Loves Bali is geared towards the first time traveller who wants to experience Bali but is unsure where to begin. I can book your whole experience if required • Flights•Accomodation. Budget to High end• Airport transfers• knowledgeable English speaking drivers Appointments can also be made on your behalf for a variety of treatments including:• Dental work•Cosmetic procedures •Spa treatments•Healers•Tattoo artists and so much more.I can recommend a plethora of activities and sights to see depending on your interests and desires.

Wendy Loves Bali is also proud to be affiliated with Bali and Beyond Women's Tours. Please click on the above links to see what tours we have on offer or could customise to suit you.

Allow me to help you plan the sort of holiday that dreams are made of. 🙏🏽

About Me

The Inside Scoop

A little bit about me. 

Hi future Bali lovers,

My name is Wendy and I’m from Central Victoria, Australia. 

I have been travelling to Bali and its surrounding islands since the early 80's.

I can't put into words how much I love it.

The kindness of the people and the life long friendships made, the food, the beaches, weather and culture is a feast for all senses.

I have been around the island many times. The early years getting about on a motorbike, a few years later driving a rented car and nowadays there are  private drivers and taxis readily available at very reasonable prices.

I have lost count at how many trips that I have booked for myself and numerous others over the years.

I love shopping, dining out, dancing, having spa treatments and massages. I've had extensive dental work done including implants from the best dentist, cosmetic tattoos and a small back tattoo. My friends have had botox, fillers, eye lifts and one has had a full facelift. All procedures done by internationally trained doctors and dentists. 

Unlike most travel agents who might be booking you a holiday package to a destination they have never been to, I will be booking you a holiday with people and places I know first hand.

You will be meeting and possibly staying with my dear friends! All of whom are able to make sure your Bali experience is a beautiful and safe one.

I want you to love Bali as much as I do.

No matter what type of holiday you wish to plan, rest assured that I will provide all the resources and guidance you need to have the perfect trip.

Beautiful destinations of Bali

Bali has everything for a perfect holiday. You can go and do and see so much or you can relax, unwind, de stress and do nothing but rejuvenate your tired soul. I’ve listed only a few of the major tourist destinations in Bali. You will soon see that this tiny island has so much to offer.Here’s a snippet.....
Kuta: The first original tourist destination, offering beachside restaurants, great shopping, waterbom Park, cafes, art markets, day spas, nightclubs, pub style venues with live music. 
Legian: Just down the road from Kuta offering all of the above except for the water park. Sunsets on bean bags at the beach bars. 
Seminyak: Beautiful beaches to enjoy sunset, high class hotels, villas, restaurants, bars and shopping. 
Ubud: Rice fields as far as the eye can see, waterfalls to swim in, white water rafting, monkey forest, safari park, beautiful restaurants, day spas, yoga retreats, healers. 
Candi dasa: The peaceful east coast. Diving, snorkelling, restaurants, ocean views, hotels.
Amed: Also on the east coast further north from Candi dasa. A beautiful seaside village with restaurants, snorkeling, diving. Close to the sacred water temple.
 Singaraja  / Lovina: North Bali. The quiet side of Bali. Black beaches with volcanic sand, the water like a lake you can take a boat out at sunrise and will often see schools of dolphins playing. Snorkeling and diving. Hot springs, Buddhist temple, waterfalls, beach side restaurants and accommodation are just a few of the attractions
Uluwatu : Cliff top temple is a photographers dream looking down at a famous surf break. Rugged scenery and beautiful beaches. 
Canggu: Beautiful beaches, restaurants, shopping.
Jimbaran: Seafood dining on the beach enjoying sunsets
Sanur: Peaceful calm bay beaches, excellent restaurants, beachside bars, day spas, night markets.And so much more......
There are temples in all of the villages in Bali, some a lot more significant than others and so beautiful. The Balinese people are predominately Hindu and their culture is very important and sacred. Even flights are stopped and the airport closed for Nyepi celebrations, the day of the new moon in March. Balinese New Year. You will be privileged to see many a Balinese ceremony as this is part of every day life in some shape or form. It is quite a sight to behold when you see a procession of people all in traditional dress, playing music as they make their way to what could be a cremation on the beach or something else. The traffic is banked up for miles and everyone just patiently waits because culture comes first and I honestly think that is the reason Bali has never lost its charm.
Progress and infrastructure will continue to grow but the heart of Bali will always remain the same and that’s what I love. I hope you will too. 🙏🏽

Special Deals

As I am checking the internet regularly looking for specials, I discover great deals that I will publish  for you to take advantage of. Flights sales and great accommodation deals and packages. 
Keep checking my Facebook site for updates. 🙏🏽😊

Contact Me

I’ve always had a passion for travel and now I can help you achieve one of your holiday goals. I believe that a good deal isn’t good until it meets all of your needs.
Your options, any concerns and budget will be discussed first and then I’ll make your travel arrangements for your Bali holiday, worry free.
Please contact me on the Mobile number below or via the email link with your enquiry. All messages are answered within a 24 hour period. Looking forward to helping you make that tropical holiday a reality. 




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